Due to our products being made with natural ingredients, returns are not accepted. However, if a product is damaged during transit, a new product can be sent (case by case basis). Refunds are also case by case basis after investigation. You cannot request refunds simply because you decided you do not like or want an item. Please read  product descriptions carefully before making a purchase to ensure you are getting a product you desire. Remember, everything does not work for everyone, so this is a risk you take by purchasing. 


To be eligible for a replacement item or refund, proof must be sent that the item is damaged or packaging of product is defective. This will include detailed pictures of the ENTIRE item and an explanation. 

Exchanges (if applicable)

Exchanges, like returns are not accepted. This is due to the nature of our products to ensure safety. Refunds may be issued if there is a problem with your order that is our fault (see above).